Twirling in the Twigs

IMG_0817 copy2.jpg

On the days that it hasn’t been raining… (weird to even write that considering we haven’t had this much rain in YEARS)… I have been out and about putting my camera to use and trying to get more comfortable with it. Although, it is pretty easy with my child as my test subject : )  We went to Oak Canyon Nature Center for an “Enchanting” mini shoot. Allie picked out her own outfit, a petal Biscotti dress and her pink/gold sparkly CottonOn ballet flats.

IMG_0768 (1).jpg


Slowly, but surely, I am working through the settings retraining myself. Also, I should mention, after 5 minutes these smiles were no longer natural. She was getting cold and pretty crabby. I bribed her by telling her we would go back to Creme & Sugar for a unicorn milkshake, & we did (Mom Win). That thought of a unicorn milkshake immediately brought some cheer to her face. We threw some music on (Firework & Can’t Stop The Feeling are always a fav) she belted out her songs and twirled away.



I can go on and on about her personality because she is one of a kind. Bubbly and extremely charismatic. There is something about seeing her spunky personality through a lens and being able to capture it.


Bring on the smiles and giggles!

Xoxo Analise


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