Unicorn Hot Chocolate at Creme & Sugar

U n i c o r n H o t C h o c o l a t e

Sounds magical right? Well, it is a real thing!! && it’s right around the corner from me!!


I took Allie to Crème & Sugar, a coffee & dessert parlor in Anaheim Hills for an early morning mother/daughter time over the weekend. While the weather permitted, she of course ordered the unicorn hot chocolate, which is a white hot cocoa with whipped cream, pastel colored marshmallows with rainbow sprinkles of every kind! We also tried out there unicorn bark, a colorful white chocolate with marshmallows, lucky charms, rainbow candy and tons of sprinkles, of course. The fun doesn’t end there though… They have a whole menu of treats dedicated to the unicorn theme: unicorn shakes decked out with candy, unicorn cake, unicorn drops, unicorn rice crispy teats… the menu continues, they even have a cookie monster hot chocolate. Crème & Sugar definitely hit the mark with this one as foodies all over have came in masses to get a taste!

With our early arrival, we instantly ordered and received our goodies, but from what I have seen, customers have been waiting over 2 hours just to try this! & it’s a wait worthwhile, but I still suggest that you get there as early as possible. Can’t wait until we head back to try more of their treats!

Xoxo Analise


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