Two Thousand Seventeen


Allie & I ventured to Cambria to ring in the new year.

We went to bed at 9:45p on New Years Eve after playing board games and eating s’mores, but that’s besides the point, we had the best time. The scenery was beyond favorable and I have been loving putting my newly purchased rebel t6i to use. We had anticipated rain the whole weekend, but to our surprise, moody and dramatic clouds appeared our first night and then clear skies and sunshine the next day.



This view, those clouds, sunsets at this house will never get old.


Our New Years Eve consisted of chasing waves on the beach and collecting rocks & shells. We took a trip down (my memory lane) and drove to Morrow Bay for lunch. They have an aquarium which I remember visiting with my parents and siblings. The aquarium had sharks, octopus, eels and even seals that you can feed fish to. Once we were back in Cambria, I took a sunset jog to say goodbye to 2016 and enjoyed grilled salmon, asparagus and a few glasses of Veuve Clicquot. Yum.


I am convinced it is entirely IMPOSSIBLE to take a bad shot here.


Happy New Year!

Xoxo Analise


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