Alexandra’s 5th Butterfly Garden Birthday Party

The past few months have literally flown by in the blink of an eye! I took on the role of head coach  for my daughter’s first season of playing soccer, with our weekends full of games and practice during the week. The countdown to Kindergarten is on and I have been researching and inquiring on new schools for Allie to start at for Fall 2017. I also had began planning for Alexandra’s 5th birthday party at the end of August/early September! All of that work and party planning paid off.



Her 5th birthday party fell over this past weekend and it was a success! Our chosen theme was a “butterfly garden,” the inspiration and decor was so charming and so sweet. I had strung butterfly wings on the fence for the girls to wear during the party. Handmade paper flowers were implemented in various areas and terra cotta pots and tin pails were utilized for storage purposes. Birdcages inclusive of flowers and butterflies acted as the centerpieces on the adult tables for that special “garden-like” touch while the girl’s table had green mason jars with blooms.




The dessert table was my favorite project I tackled for her birthday. I had purchased a package of gold paper flowers to assemble from Michael’s and after seeing how easy it was, I went ahead and made more with paper I had at home. For the dessert table backdrop, I had held onto pink sheer and white sheer curtains, so my mom & I strung those through some left over wooden trim and draped and secured to our liking. The dessert table goodies consisted of fresh glazed donuts, rice crispy treats, chocolate covered oreos, pink gumballs, yogurt covered pretzels and various pink candies that I displayed in clear vases I had found at the local goodwill. The gorgeous cake was a round double-tiered confetti flavored cake with cookie crumb filling and a french buttercream icing. I had chosen a light pink ombre design and had little butterfly added for a subtle accent. I  wanted the cake to match the party’s theme, very feminine, sweet and not overpowering. When I finally was able to see the cake, I was stunned, it was SOO gorgeous and SOO good.




The attendees consisted of her school and soccer friends as well as family and personal friends. With over 15 kids under the age of 10 running around, I knew I needed to have a lot of activities to keep them busy. I had arranged two crafting stations, one to paint and decorate a flower pot and the other with a butterfly decorating craft, coloring pages and tons of crayons. My parents have the ultimate Grandma/Grandpa/hostess house. An indoor playroom as well as an outside playhouse with tons of toys, push cars, a sand box and various other favorites. I also had rented a bounce house, so that they wouldn’t run out of things to do once the sugar kicked in! I mean, it was a birthday party after all….



I would say one of the best decisions I made with this party was hiring a face painter! The kids loved the designs, were so excited and even the adults joined in on the action. Highly recommend this and I will definitely be using her again!



For food, I had an array of appetizers, fruit and veggies platters, a cheese platter, pita chips with hummus and baked mac and cheese. Turkey and roast beef pretzel hoagies and lavash wraps were catered from Sprouts for the adults, while the kids enjoyed simple turkey sandwiches cut out in butterfly shapes.


Singing Happy Birthday and enjoying cake, ice cream, presents and friends was her favorite part of her birthday. So sweet.


Here were some of the vendors that made my party successful!

Stationery: LuckyPlum Studio

Cake: Beverly’s Bakery

FacePainting: Face & Body Art by Glitter Goose

Rentals: YL Party Rentals

Not another party until her 10th birthday lol. Let me know your thoughts or questions on the details!

Xoxo Analise


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