An Enchanting Weekend in La Quinta.

I have been eyeing the La Quinta Resort for quite some time now, thanks to Pinterest and my forever indecisive wedding ideas… The opportunity to make reservations at this marvelous resort arose last Sunday and I made my decision within 5 seconds. YES!

This resort was so magical, details in and around every corner ranging from the intricate design and color on the doors, to the Spanish tiles displayed on the staircases throughout the entire resort, down to the beautiful and perfected landscaped gardens. Everything, was gorgeous.


We arrived and checked into a deluxe casita late Thursday afternoon. Our room had a cozy fireplace and the interior design reflected that of a traditional, yet modern Spanish flare. Warm hues and traditional tiles throughout the bathroom. Early Friday morning, prior to the heat of the sun, I took the time to get a run in and explore the grounds.

Our room opened up next to a pool, and a total of 41 pools are at the resort. This idea of a pool being 15 feet from the room was perfect and I don’t know that I will ever want to go to another resort after having the privacy and convenience. Think of not having to fight for a lounge chair, think of not having to save 4 lounge chairs in a row, hoping that someone will not steal it. The ability to run to and from the room within seconds, especially with a young daughter, made this whole stay THAT much better.


Friday afternoon, we headed to the driving range adjacent to the resort. Thom took me to the driving range in Newport Beach on Thursday. That was my first time golfing, EVER! We made plans to play a round of golf for Saturday, so he really wanted to be assured that I wouldn’t embarrass him on the course. Little did he know that I was actually a decent golfer!

Still trying to determine if he was that great of a coach or if I just naturally had the skill, but I caught on rather quick! I’m assured that golf is my new hobby.


We decided to stay on the resort’s grounds and eat at one of the resort’s restaurants, The Adobe Grill. We enjoyed an assortment of fish tacos, chicken tacos, and fresh shrimp cocktail on their patio while live music entertained. Heading back to the room we were able to capture a sweet Mother/Daughter moment, & a big thanks to the well lit moon and the resort’s perfect placement of lighting.


Early Saturday morning put my two day’s worth of practice at the range to test. We played on the Dune’s course and I tee’d off for the first time. Allie was our ride along, AKA caddy girl! I enjoyed playing each hole, some tougher than others, but I learned that I am at best with an 8 iron. Strange how something I have never tried all of a sudden became a comfort and focus, some of the results that yoga brings. The Marshall on course was the sweetest man ever, bringing us ice and water, making sure that not only we were comfortable, but that Allie was comfortable in the 100+ weather and having fun too.

After playing the course, we went back to the driving range, working on our swing and allowing Allie to try putting. Once we were down in the heat, we headed back to cool off in the pool outside our door. THE BEST.



We ate our Saturday dinner at Chapellis. A local Italian restaurant that I cannot say enough wonderful reviews about. Welcoming and friendly service and amazing food. Fresh bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, caprese salad and anti pasto to begin our meal. A bottle of wine, ravioli, fettuccine alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs, pasta carbonara and ending our meal with fresh bread pudding…. We were happily stuffed to say the least.



After getting an early AM workout in the state-of-the-art fitness center on Sunday, I wandered off to check out a few more areas. I found designated areas for wedding receptions with aqua blue doors, twinkle lights strung throughout.

La Quinta Resort is definitely my #1 wedding venue! Dreaming of my next visit, but next time, in a white dress.

Xoxo Analise


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